for power nguồn BI provides two account types for creating compelling maps in nguồn BI:Standard—To map your business data và reveal hidden patterns, use the standard for nguồn BI visualization, which is free, directly from nguồn—Sign in with your account credentials to unlock additional features. Perform deeper analysis of data by adding secure, proprietary content from your organization.

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What is included

All power BI users have direct access khổng lồ for nguồn BI right out of the box, without the need khổng lồ sign in. When you create a map using a Standard account, the bản đồ is automatically connected khổng lồ Online and you can access geocoding services, curated basemaps, and U.S. Demographics khổng lồ enhance your map.

When you sign in to for power BI using your account,you have access to lớn all the standard features inaddition to content in your organization.

The following table compares thestandard features available to all power nguồn BI users lớn those available to lớn signed-in users:

Standard (included with power nguồn BI)
With your trương mục

4 basic basemaps

All Esri basemaps plus access to your organization"s basemaps, including custom basemaps


3,500 locations per map

10,000 locations per map

10,000 locations per month

No monthly limit

Polygons (boundaries)

10,000 polygons per map

15,000 polygons per map

Reference layers

10 reference layers that contain U.S. Demographics

Access to all web maps & layers from your organization

Add one reference layer of each type

Add multiple reference layers

Publicly shared feature layers in

Publicly shared feature layers in

Access to lớn Living Atlas of the World maps và layers (feature services)

Find nearby (drive-time search)

5 requests per map

10 requests per map


Curated gallery of U.S. Demographics variables (7 categories)

Up to lớn 2 cards per map.

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Full access to lớn the GeoEnrichment data browser, including U.S. & global demographics variables

Up lớn 5 cards per map

What bản đồ viewers see

When you create a map, consider your target audience. Premium nội dung from your organization may not be visible khổng lồ users who are not subscribers. The following table indicates the type of nội dung available to users:

Content typeUser
Content included with power BI

All users

Publicly shared content

All users

Private content from your organization users in your organization with the required tài khoản type và privileges


Plus subscriptions have beenretired và are no longer available. If you were a Plus subscriber,maps you created using your Plus tài khoản may look differentwhen you view them. If you used secure or premium nội dung in your maps—suchas premium basemaps, Living Atlas reference layers, or infographicscards—this nội dung is replaced with default content included with the standard(free) version of for power nguồn BI. Lớn continue usingpremium nội dung in your maps, sign in using your Online Enterprise account. If you don"t have an account, sign up for a không tính tiền trial. Public accounts are not supported.

Maps containing premium content are visible only khổng lồ users with the appropriate privileges. If you"re not signed in khổng lồ, you"ll see a message blocking maps that contain premium or secure content and you"ll need lớn sign in khổng lồ view the bản đồ as it was designed. If you"re opening a map-enabled report that does not contain premium or secure content, there"s no need khổng lồ sign in to lớn view and interact with the map.