At the over of The Last: na-ru-to the Movie, na-ru-to takes Hinata và starts to blast his Rasengan, & they end up high in the sky, where na-ru-to kisses Hinata., When the credits go on, we see that the two marry and have two kids leading a happy family life. Some fans loved it, but others were quite shocked because they wanted lớn see Naruto end up with Sakura. In this article, we will be looking at the Naruto and Hinata love story through the lens of some popular questions

Did naruto Really Fall in Love With Hinata in The Last: naruto the Movie?

Naruto loves Hinata. He did not fall in love with Hinata in The Last: na-ru-to the Movie, but he was in love with Hinata throughout the whole story. In the movie, he just realized that he had lãng mạn feelings for Hinata since the flashbacks happened in their mission in the film. Considering that his parents died when he was an infant, na-ru-to could not understand his feelings for Hinata because he had never seen people interact like that before.

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Hinata triggered Naruto’s Transformation: The only reason why naruto was able to transform into the 6 Tails was the hatred he had gained when Pain stabbed Hinata. Naruto just turned 2 Tails when Gaara died, & he did not even transform when Jiraiya and Kakashi died. Hinata prompted the worst feelings that naruto ever felt. Even though the seal was weak, it still needed enough level of fury for Naruto khổng lồ transform. It directs towards the fact that na-ru-to had a strong connection with Hinata. When Pain said that love breeds hate, he was not talking about Hinata’s feelings but Naruto’s. The film’s guidebook also confirmed this moment. “Naruto reads feeling of weakness reflected in Hinata’s eyes…. The two were connected so strongly that they could communicate in their eyes.”Naruto was in love with her all along, starting with their childhood, in the academy, và the Chunin exams. Na-ru-to swore with her blood that he would win, và he did. 


In the war, after Neji died, naruto held Hinata’s hand and told her that he accomplished all so far because she was by his side.In episode 151, in the original naruto series, the mission with Hinata, Kiba, & Chino, when the Hidden Stone Shinobi abducted Hinata, naruto was so nervous that he even showed Kurama’s eyes, và one of the kidnappers said that Hinata might be his girlfriend.Naruto: The Last was evidence that na-ru-to had always loved Hinata. In the Genjutsu lake, naruto went deep into his heart và brought back all the memories of Hinata. 

When naruto brought back his memories, he blushed involuntarily, and for an instant, he looked at Hinata. The Genjutsu trap did not force Naruto khổng lồ love Hinata, it just triggered something within Naruto’s heart, và he realized the meaning of love. All of this made him realize that he was in love with Hinata.

Even Sakura was aware that na-ru-to loved Hinata. When Sakura was healing the unconscious Naruto, he repeatedly called out Hinata’s name. Sakura said- “you finally got it, blockhead.” Her statement not only meant that na-ru-to finally understood Hinata’s feelings, but he also understood his own feelings. 

In The Last, the Genjutsu only helped na-ru-to see his own feelings towards Hinata, và realized she had acknowledged him và cared for him more than anyone else ever had. His denseness is a result of never knowing or experiencing it firsthand.

Why Did Naruto like Hinata?

Naruto had a rough childhood and there was not one person who embraced him for who he was. For years, he had been searching for the one person who would acknowledge him from the bottom of their heart. Naruto realized in The Last that the whole time he thought he had no one, Hinata had been there for him all along và he had been in love with her.

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Hinata & Naruto started to develop their relationship when they were young. Na-ru-to was one of the only ones who yelled at Hinata khổng lồ keep going when the battle with Neji happened and she tried her best. He was also concerned about Hinata when she could have died. When they were on a mission together, naruto would rush to lớn catch her when she was struck down or hurt. In Pain’s Arc, when Hinata was thrown, na-ru-to could not handle it & let Kurama take over & ended up having an incredible fight with Pain. Moreover, naruto also saved her from disguised trắng Zetsu and from being abducted by Toneri Otsutsuki. Na-ru-to even told her once that she would make a good wife.

Naruto had loved Hinata unknowingly all this time, và it was shown through subtle hints và the development of their characters. But it was only in The Last movie, in the Genjutsu that naruto realized that Hinata was always there for him and he loved her.

Although the Naruto and Hinata love story was not the best-executed love story, I always thought that they would over together. The signals were all there, not only from Hinata’s side, you just had lớn pay attention.