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Innisfree No Sebum Mineral Pact has received such fabulous online review that I had to buy it just before boarding a plane at Singapore Changi Airport. It was priced at a good discount and I normally couldn’t resist when I see a value buy!

Can this mineral pact absorb excess sebum? vị you have khổng lồ reapply this often throughout the day? Let’s find out! 

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White powder leaves behind a subtle trắng cast

5. Oh…So little!

Most pressed powder comes with at least 10g of product. For example, Innisfree’s Mineral Ultrafine Pact has 11g. But you’ll only get 8.5g out of Innisfree No Sebum Mineral Pact. That’s 20% less! But it’s probably fine since it’s considerably cheaper.

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6. Drying

I do recall this powder drying up my face, or at least made it appear patchy. I thought my fine lines và nasolabial lines were more pronounced too. 

While this doesn’t work for me, it may be fine for those with oilier skin. If you have oily skin & have used this powder before, bởi vì share with us if it’d worked for you.

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Here’s the danh sách of ingredient for those who are into the science behind beauty products. I’m surprised khổng lồ see cornstarch powder in it. I’ve checked and apparently, it’s a good ingredient as compared khổng lồ talc. Overall, I didn’t find anything that’s considered bad for the skin (but I’m not a science expert, okay?)


Recommended For…

I don’t think Innisfree No Sebum Mineral Pact achieves what it promises. So I’m not exactly sure if I would recommend this to lớn anyone. But since the online đánh giá have been so positive, I’m wondering if it would work better for someone who resides in a place that’s less hot & humid.

For those who have already tried it & are staying in places with dry và cool climate, I would love to lớn hear your experience in using Innisfree No-Sebum Mineral Pact. Rating: 3/5 (wanted to give it a 2.5, but reckon a 3 is fairer lớn those with normal-oily skin)

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