Best máy tính of 2022, 8.8/10

See why CNET named the Galaxy Book2 Pro 360 a 2-in-1 laptop that is truly "living up khổng lồ its Pro name."*



Double your productivity with a 360-degree hinge that flips from PC lớn tablet in a snap. For added versatility, S Pen comes included. Write, draw & let your creative side go wild with a pen-on-paper feel in apps like video Studio Paint.1


See your nội dung in a whole new light on a Super AMOLED touchscreen that’s up khổng lồ 33% brighter.² It adjusts lớn your environment for vibrant màu sắc and breathtaking details anywhere, whether you’re working or playing.

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With a full-HD camera and auto Framing,³ you can always look your best & stay in the spotlight. You"ll sound your best too with intelligent noise canceling. Plus, Dolby Atmos sound so you"ll never miss a mutter.


Your always-on lifestyle just got easier. Galaxy Book2 Pro 360 comes ready for Wi-Fi 6E, letting you access the next generation of ultra-fast data speeds.⁴, ⁵

With a powerful 68Wh battery12, you can go plug-free for up to lớn 21 hours⁶ on a single charge. When you vì need a jolt, the universal Fast Charger gets you lớn 40% in just 30 minutes and works across your entire Galaxy of devices.

File safety has never been so simple. Enhanced security features like a fingerprint scanner and Private Share⁷ protect your data from the hardware cấp độ up.

Whether you"re working or gaming, easily extend your screen space with a super smooth scrolling monitor.

Move between devices seamlessly. Galaxy works together for effortless continuity across your PC, phone, tablet & wearables.

Connect your Galaxy Book2 Pro 360 và Galaxy Tab S8 to lớn wirelessly địa chỉ a second screen. Simply slide the cursor from screen to screen khổng lồ expand your workspace from anywhere.

Everything on your Galaxy phone, now on your Galaxy Book. Links to Windows unites your apps, calls, texts and files so you can switch from your phone to máy vi tính without missing a beat.8

Access your notes from anywhere. Whether on your phone or PC, Notes can convert handwriting to lớn searchable text, annotate PDFs và sync notes with audio recordings.

Directly share files between nearby devices with Quick Share. For more control, Private chia sẻ lets you mix time limits, prevent capturing and revoke access to lớn files at any time.

Bixby’s intelligent voice interface does almost anything, from giving weather reports lớn controlling SmartThings-compatible devices like light switches & dishwashers.⁹

Upgrade without saying goodbye to your old stuff. Smart Switch¹⁰ seamlessly transfers contacts, photos and more lớn your new laptop. Then, Single Sign-On¹¹ makes it easy lớn access everything Galaxy with just one log-in.

Get ready for a new business PC experience

Meeting the new Galaxy Book2 lineup.Enjoy exclusive volume discounts, bulk trade-in credit và 0% Business Financing.

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*Published April, 2022** Screen images simulated for illustrative purposes

1 Clip Studio Paint membership required. Preload supported in select markets. Video clip Studio Paint can be downloaded from the Galaxy store và comes with 6 miễn phí months for first-time users. Terms of service may vary by country & region.

2 Compared khổng lồ 2021 Galaxy Book Pro model.

3 Certain resolutions and ratios may not be supported. Certain functions may not be available when auto framing is on. Only people can be recognized & there is a limit to lớn how many people may be recognized.

4 Wi-Fi 6E availability may vary due khổng lồ OS version, location, network conditions, & other factors.

5 Wi-Fi 6E wireless network routers are required và sold separately.

6 Battery life varies significantly with settings, usage & other factors. Based on results from internal lab tests for local clip playback time conducted by Thử nghiệm Results from a prerelease version of the device under default settings (audio volume and brightness levels) without connection to Wi-Fi or thiết bị di động network. Battery life varies significantly with settings, usage và other factors.

7 Private tóm tắt features for both the sender & receiver require Galaxy devices with Windows 10 or 11, android OS 10.0 (Q), và One UI 2.1 or above and the Quick mô tả app. Requires Wi-Fi và Bluetooth connection.

8 liên kết to Windows requires the Your Phone ứng dụng (free download), a Microsoft account and Windows 10 or 11. Some di động apps may have security features that prevent the mobile ứng dụng from being viewed on PC.

9 All devices must be registered with SmartThings to lớn receive smart notifications.

10 Availability of Galaxy Book Smart Switch may vary depending on OS & the transferable files are informed during program execution.

11 Single Sign-On works on apps including Quick Share, SmartThings, Bixby, bluetooth không dây Sync, Multi Control, Notes and Gallery.