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Limb-sparing options for osteosarcoma-diagnosed dogs khổng lồ be explored

July 28, 2022

The Morris Animal Foundation-funded project will investigate limb-sparing options for large- and giant-breed dogs diagnosed with osteosarcoma. Ultimately, researchers hope to advance the treatment of and improve the prognosis for dogs receiving radiation treatment for this type of cancer.

Pet-friendly vacation spots ranked on hotels, DVM services

July 27, 2022

Feline-focused trang web All About Cats has released its danh mục of the most pet-friendly vacation spots in the U.S., placing Portland, Ore., in the No. 1 spot.

Diagnostic demo access improved at 5,000+ U.S. Clinics

July 26, 2022

Bionote USA, a manufacturer of quantitative, point-of-care veterinary analyzers và biomarker tests, has joined with veterinary group purchasing organization, PSIvet.

Therapy animals take center stage in ‘World’s Largest Pet Walk’

July 26, 2022

Pet lovers across the U.S. Are invited to throw on their sneakers, grab their leashes, và hit the pavement this September to raise funds for emotional support animals.

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An update on AVMA federal advocacy

July 26, 2022

Congress designated millions of dollars for veterinary programs in the $1.5 trillion federal spending bill approved this spring. Among other priorities, there are funding increases targeted for healthy dog importation và rural access to lớn veterinary care. We have also seen other positive developments on Capitol Hill recently, including the advancement of One Health legislation & a bill that would support better retirement benefits for small business employees.

4,000 beagles rescued from research lab

July 19, 2022

Four thousand beagles are looking for forever homes after being removed from a Virginia research facility that was allegedly breeding the dogs khổng lồ be sold khổng lồ laboratories for animal experimentation.
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