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Longtime K-drama fans witnessed how several promising child stars grew up to become among the most talked-about leading ladies of today"s generation.

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From supporting roles to lớn their first-ever lead role, these K-drama actresses like Kim Yoo Jung, Kim So Hyun and more have successfully become the faces of Hallyu.

Kim Yoo Jung


She began her career as young as five when she appeared in a tv commercial.

From then on, Kim Yoo Jung landed supporting roles and was even dubbed as the "Sageuk Fairy" due to lớn her several acclaimed historical period dramas under her belt.

In addition, she was once considered as "Korea"s Little Sister," which means young female celebrity.

Kim Yoo Jung"s notable Kdramas include "Moon Embracing the Sun" và "May Queen," where she both won Best Child Actress.

Interestingly, her latest series is the historical fantasy series "Lovers of the Red Sky" with Ahn Hyo Seop and is set khổng lồ headline the upcoming film "20th Century Girl."

Kim So Hyun


(Photo : Kim So Hyun Instagram)

Another former child star who has solidified her career as one of the sought-after stars is Kim So Hyun.

The 22-year-old beauty started to act in front of the camera when she was seven.

Like fellow child star Kim Yoo Jung, Kim So Hyun"s career skyrocketed after landing the role in "The Moon Embracing Sun."

Aside from this, her notable series includes "Bring It On, Ghost," "Radio Romance," "Love Alarm," "The Tale of Nokdu," và her latest "River Where the Moon Rises."

Park Shin Hye


(Photo : Park Shin Hye Instagram)

Definitely one of the most beloved actresses turned Hallyu stars is none other than Park Shin Hye.

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From portraying the role of Han Jung Suh, the young version of Choi Ji Woo in the iconic Kdrma "Stairway khổng lồ Heaven," the 31-year-old actress is set to become a mom.

In November 2021, she dropped the bombshell news that she is engaged lớn her longtime boyfriend Choi Tae Joon và pregnant with their first child.

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Interestingly, fellow actress và friend Uhm Ji Won revealed on her YouTube channel that Park Shin Hye is having a baby boy.

Lee Se Young


(Photo : News1) Lee Se Young

Joining the các mục of child star turned Kdrama female lead is Lee Se Young

Then five-year-old started her first drama appearance in the series "The Brothers" River," however, she became well known after starring in "Lovely Rivals" và "When I Turned Nine."

Now, the 29-year-old star is making waves in Hallyu after headlining the historical Kdrama "The Red Sleeve Cuff" with 2 PM"s Junho.

At the height of the MBC series, she also dominated the most buzzworthy actor rankings for weeks.

Kim Sae Ron


(Photo : Gold Medalist Instagram)

Capping off the menu of child actresses turned Kdrama female leads is Kim Sae Ron.

Her first acting stint was the movie "A Brand New Life," who at the time was only nine years old.

She managed lớn make a name for herself and is now among the rising stars of Kdrama.

Interestingly, fans would get lớn see more of Kim Sae Ron with two new series. First is Netflix"s "Hunting Dogs" with Woo vì Hwan, followed by the second season of "The Great Shaman Ga Doo Shim."

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