Medusa is known as a winged Gorgon boss khủng with snakes for hair who could turn anyone lớn stone just by looking into the person’s eyes, but Medusa wasn’t always this despicable quái dị that she became known as. Believe it or not, Medusa was a beautiful mortal before she was transformed into a monster.

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Medusa Turns Into a Monster

While Medusa was a beautiful mortal woman, she served beside Athena, goddess of wisdom and knowledge. Athena was one of only three virgin goddesses, so Medusa vowed to lớn remain a virgin while she served her.

While serving Athena, mortals & gods would both take notice of Medusa’s beauty. Medusa did not take part in any of the attention she received until Poseidon, the god of the seas, took notice of her.

Poseidon was enamored by Medusa’s beauty, & Medusa returned the same feelings. Medusa & Poseidon engaged in a love affair và would have two children together, but not before Athena discovered the illicit affair.

When Athena discovered the affair, she was enraged & immediately cursed Medusa by taking away her beauty. She turned her long hair into venomous snakes & made her beautiful face so hideous that those who looked into her eyes would immediately be turned to stone. Medusa’s life was forever changed.

Medusa is Beheaded

Being the mystical creature she was, Medusa’s head was sought after by King Polydectes. King Polydectes ordered Perseus, a Greek hero, to lớn bring him the head of Medusa.

There are two versions of why King Polydectes requires Perseus lớn bring him the head of Medusa.

One version of this myth says that King Polydectes required gifts to lớn be brought to lớn him in honor of the king marrying Danae, Perseus’s mother, & Perseus did not have a gift; therefore, he was ordered by King Polydectes khổng lồ bring him the specific gift of Medusa’s head.

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Another version of this myth says that King Polydectes sent Perseus on this quest for Medusa’s head khổng lồ keep him from overpowering him on the throne.

Regardless of the reason, Perseus accepted the request và set out to fetch the head of Medusa.

Perseus Beheads Medusa

Perseus sets out on his quest to lớn find Medusa & behead her. He is given gifts from the gods lớn help defeat her, including a shield made by the goddess of knowledge và wisdom, Athena. Without this shield, Perseus would not have been able khổng lồ behead Medusa.

The shield was polished và reflective, so Perseus used it as a mirror to lớn sneak up behind Medusa without looking her in the eyes. As he closed in on Medusa, he beheaded her and placed her head in his satchel lớn take back lớn King Polydectes.

Medusa Gives Birth to Two Children

During their love affair, Medusa và Poseidon would have two children together. The children were sons who would be born when Perseus beheaded Medusa. As Perseus beheaded Medusa, her two children sprang from her neck. The sons were Pegasus and Chrysaor.

Pegasus was an immortal winged horse who could fly & create streams of water just by striking his hoof. Pegasus would have future ties with Greek hero Bellerophon. Athena gifted Pegasus to lớn Bellerophon for his devotion khổng lồ her.

Chrysaor was a young man whose name means “he who bears a golden sword.” Chrysaor does not have a large role in Greek mythology as his brother Pegasus.

Medusa Turns King Polydectes lớn Stone

In an ironic turn of events, Perseus uses Medusa against King Polydectes by turning him lớn stone after he returns. Perseus pulls Medusa’s head from his satchel and holds it up, causing King Polydectes khổng lồ look into the eyes of Medusa và consequently be turned khổng lồ stone.