Look at Seo Hyun Jin and Lee Kwang Soo‘s funny & cute moments on “Running Man”! Let’s check right now with us!

Check out hilarious moments between Seo Hyun-jin & Lee Kwang-soo on Running Man

Running Man has always been & always is going to lớn be the primary show people will try once they want to lớn find out more about a certain celebrity’s personality. Lately, people are interested in Seo Hyun-jin. She has always been a talented actress with a stunning face, but ever since her big break in the drama titled Another Oh Hae Young, more và more people became fascinated by her.

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This brings those people khổng lồ look at episode 253 of Running Man, where Seo Hyun-jin was a guest there. Episode 253 of Running Man was aired on June 28th, 2015, but the shooting date was June 16th, 2015. The landmark for that episode was in One Mount Water Park which is found in Ilsanseo-gu, Goyang, Gyeonggi-do. In episode 253, Seo Hyun-jin wasn’t the sole guest, there have been also vày Sang-woo, Hae-ryung, Hwang Seung-eon, Irene Kim, Park Ha-na, & Ye-eun. The concept of the episode was a pair race, & therefore the teams were coupled like this: Yoo Jae-suk và Park Ha-na, Gary và Hwang Seung-eon, Haha and Ye-eun, Ji Suk-jin và Hae-ryung, Kim Jong-kook & Irene Kim, tuy nhiên Ji-hyo and Do Sang-woo, and Lee Kwang-soo was the one in addition to lớn Seo Hyun-jin.

There were many moments between Seo Hyun-jin và Lee Kwang-soo that made people tư vấn them as a true couple. Within the episode, Seo Hyun-jin và Lee Kwang-soo chia sẻ many funny & cute moments.


Lee Kwang Soo and Seo Hyun Jin

From the opening scene, Seo Hyun-jin và Lee Kwang-soo were already friendly with one another because the 2 of them once played together within the drama titled Goddess of fireplace. After the opening scene, everyone was off as a pair, & Seo Hyun-jin was along with Lee Kwang-soo. During the car ride together to lớn travel to the situation of the mission, Lee Kwang-soo told Seo Hyun-jin that it absolutely was an excellent decision khổng lồ not choose Kim Jong-kook. He said that though choosing Kim Jong-kook would definitely increase her chances of winning, she would have paid an enormous cost for that, which is being nagged in the slightest degree the time by Kim Jong-kook. Lee Kwang-soo even added that there’s a reason why Kim Jong-kook isn’t married yet, which is due khổng lồ his constant nagging. This chatter certainly brightened the mood & Seo Hyun-jin was laughing at this.


In the secret-sharing time, Lee Kwang-soo bragged that Seo Hyun-jin can speak Spanish which she would teach them Spanish. Seo Hyun-jin tried to lớn prevent Lee Kwang-soo, but it had been too late. In the end, she admitted that she loves Spanish accent most to lớn the purpose that she memorized a Spanish sentence. That Spanish sentence is “I want to lớn be with you tonight.”

When the primary game was on the point of begin, everyone was told khổng lồ bounce. Seo Hyun-jin was a bit shy when she was forced to tỷ lệ thoát in the middle, but Lee Kwang-soo immediately helped her by showing his funny dance moves, & this instantly made her laugh really loud.

The first game was a mission to lớn hold the guest princess-style, and during this game, Seo Hyun-jin và Lee Kwang-soo won third place.

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Lee Kwang Soo & Seo Hyun Jin

The second trò chơi was a game of charades during which each pair had khổng lồ strike a pose. Elimination would happen if a team fails lớn follow the sequence of the poses. Lee Kwang-soo suggested that they ought khổng lồ make a pose that’s uncomfortable khổng lồ follow because they’re close with one another, he thought striking an intimate pose with Seo Hyun-jin would be a good idea. Seo Hyun-jin welcomed this idea & suggested that they ought to hug. However, after they tried a back hug, they got goosebumps.


After each team had decided what poses they need others to follow, the sport began. During the sport, there was a difficult pose that required flexibility. Seo Hyun-jin is surprisingly flexible, so she was ready to do a split effortlessly. However, along with his tall body, Lee Kwang-soo was having a tough time, so Seo Hyun-jin was scolding him while Lee Kwang-soo was trying his best.


The third trò chơi was a ball trò chơi where the boys had to urge the proper colored ball, while the ladies were those to receive the punishment if the boys failed. Before the thể thao began, Seo Hyun-jin cheered for Lee Kwang-soo, which made him blush cutely.

As episode 253 of Running Man was coming lớn an end the thể thao was about disposing of a key of an ice block, and every game’s reward was an opportunity to lớn melt the ice block under the sun. Seo Hyun-jin & Lee Kwang-soo did well during the games, so at the tip of the last game, their blocks were the tiniest.


Therefore, it had been no surprise that Seo Hyun-jin and Lee Kwang-soo were the primary ones lớn achieve retrieving the key from inside the ice block. However, after they received the reward, Seo Hyun-jin was perplexed because she was expecting something aside from a basket filled with fruits, something lượt thích gold. Despite the surprising award of fruit basket, this episode continues lớn be enjoyable to lớn look at because it absolutely was the legendary episode that displayed Seo Hyun-jin và Lee Kwang-soo closeness.

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